Machine Gamma / Gamma Plus

Gamma Mobile Egglayer Concrete Block Machine for Mass Production of Concrete Blocks and Insulated Concrete Blocks.

Gamma is a Strong and Robust high production, self-propelled fully automaticMobile Egglayer Concrete Block Machine. It produces Concrete Blocks directly on the concrete platform for the production of Concrete Blocks, Kerbstones and Insulated Concrete Blocks. With minimum of electronic components inside, it is highly reliable and extremely operator friendly.

The Gamma Mobile Egglayer Concrete Block Machine is CE approved for manufacturing Concrete Blocks from 190 mm to 300 mm high. It’s a fully automatic, self-propelled on steel wheels, covered with a layer of “adiprene” rubber. It has a vibro-compression operation, producing blocks directly on the concrete platform. This enables the production of heavy concrete products like Kerbstones and Solid Blocks. Since the machine can drive at twice the working speed, rapid changes of position can be accomplished during the movement on the concrete platform.Two heavy duty mechanical vibrators, with adjustable rotating weights and electrical motors driven, are fitted on the outside of the mould.

A electromechanical-hydraulic system, consisting of a series of cams and limit switches, is used to ensure safe operation also in adverse conditions of high humidity, dust and fluctuating voltage. Gamma Mobile Egglayer Concrete Block Machine can be configured with the suitable factory fitted equipment for high production of insulated blocks by insertion of polystyrene.Characteristics The Gamma Mobile Egglayer Concrete Block Machine comes with a hopper of 1000 litre capacity for concrete dosing. The hopper is fitted with a sensor for detection of concrete.A mobile feeder fills the mould, with mechanism for the opening of the hopper, and a grid with alternate movement for high speed homogeneous filling of the mould.

Double speed mould lifting is available in the machine for optimum de-moulding, optly guided by 4 large columns. A stripper/back draft is to be pressed to shake-out the concrete products. The Gamma Mobile Egglayer Concrete Block Machine comes with a sturdy steel frame and hydraulic lock of the pressing stripper during de-moulding. 35 mm wide Adiprene rubber wheels (DU PONT) ensure smooth driving of the machine on concrete platform minimising any damages to the floor.. Hydraulic cylinders with brake adjustment devices are provided for machine. The machine also comes with an advancement/translation motor-gear driving unit. An electric main board is also included. Grids, protection bonnets and front bar for obstacle detection are connected to the machine protection circuit to ensure consistently safe working conditions. The safety circuit breakers with forced opening of the normally open contact ensure safety at all times. The machine is fitted with a safety devices designed to stop immediately in case of contact with any objects along its path. The electric system complies with CEI standards: EN 60204-1 (CEI 44.5) EN 60529 (CEI 70.1).

Per 8 Hour Shift KSA GammaKSA Gamma Plus
Output for 20x20x40 Standard Concrete Blocks9,00012,000
Output for 12/15x25x100 cm Kerbstones4,5006,000
Insulating Blocks with Polystyrene 20x20x40 cm5,0006,000
Mould Area (cm)125x87125x107
Product Height (mm)170/300170/300
OperationFully automatic - electromechanicalFully automatic - electromechanical
Total Power (kW)2128
Vibro Compressing forceR17 Tonnes21 Tonnes
Weight of Machine Without Concrete (kg)6,0006,500
Hopper capacity (lt)1,2001,200
Cycle Time20 Seconds +20 Seconds +
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