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In all Mobile Egglayer Concrete Block Machines, the mechanical parts and hydraulic and electrical systems are designed and constructed 100% in Italian Factory equipped with complete range of machine tools and highly specialised and trained workers. All the raw materials and electrical components are carefully sourced from longstanding quality vendors, and is indeed the most reliable and the most innovative available in the market. All our Mobile Egglayer Concrete Block Machines and moulds are carefully tested and approved on our test benches to our highest quality and safety certifications before being shipped to the customers around the world.

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Our Mobile Egglayer Concrete Block Machines are the result of a technical improvements of 50 years of history. In these 50 years of experience of experience of these machines, hundreds of customers who have using these machines are convinced about the versatility about our machines. This long experience of manufacturing Mobile Egglayer Concrete Block Machines makes us as a supplier that is extremely valuable, very useful and clearly reliable.

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Our complete range of Mobile Egglayer Concrete Block Machines are semi or totally automatic in order to guarantee high operability even with limited space, time or budget ensured by high quality of design and manufacturing processes used for creating these machines. The different machines that we offer We also offer complete range of equipment to collect and store the Blocks and Pavers in the most efficient way as well as top of the range moulds to go with our egglayer block machines.

With our long experience with our customers, we continue to produce machines with a passion of improvement, increasing productivity and precision with every Egglayer Mobile Concrete Block Machine. All our designs and all our manufacturing to done keeping in view the demands of our amazing customers. Today, we are in a position to offer Mobile Egglayer Concrete Block Machines that can produce ordinary Concrete Blocks, Concrete Pavers, Kerbstones, Insulated Concrete Blocks and many other products, and it would not have been possible without active demands from our worldwide customers.








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