Machine Comparison Chart for 8 Hour Shift.

Production in 8 Hours.


Production On

20x20x40 standard blocks

12/15x25x100 kerbstones

Single layer pavers (m²)

Insulating blocks with polystyrene (20x20x40)

Mould area (cm)

Product height (min/max mm)


Total power (kW)

Vibro-compression force

Net Machine Weight (kg)

Hopper capacity (litres)


Concrete Blocks                                     ✔

Concrete Pavers                                     ✔

Kerbstones                                              ✔


Sliding Steel Plate OR Concrete Platform







Fully Automatic


25 Tonnes



Beta        /       Beta Plus

Concrete Blocks                                      ✔                                     

Insulated Blocks                                      ✔

Sliding Steel Plate OR Concrete Platform

8,000                                  9,000

-                            -


5,500                                  6,000

105x107                         125x107

200/250                          200/250

Fully Automatic      Fully Automatic

30                                            30

24 Tonnes                    25 Tonnes

6,300                                  7,000

1,000                                  1,200

Gamma  /  Gamma Plus

Concrete Blocks                                     ✔

Kerbstones                                             ✔

Insulated Blocks                                    ✔

Concrete Platform

9,000                                12,000

4,500                                  6,000


5,000                                  6,000

125x87                           125x107

170/300                          170/300

Fully Automatic      Fully Automatic

21                                            28

17 Tonnes                    21 Tonnes

6,000                                  6,500

1,200                                  1,200

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Who we are

German Plant Experience is a worldwide supplier of complete range of Mobile Egglayer Concrete Block Machines for manufacture of Concrete Blocks, Insulated Concrete Blocks, Pavers, Kerbstones and other concrete products. GPE Egglayer machines are high production concrete block machines using state of the art combination of Vibration and Hydraulic pressure producing up to 12,000 standard Blocks per shift. We also make special Egglayer Concrete Block Machines to manufacture Concrete Products on rugged sliding steel plate to ensure perfect dimensions of the blocks. Special attachments ensure manufacturing of Insulated Concrete Blocks by insertion of styrofoam/polystyrene increasing thermal insulation properties of concrete blocks. Moulds manufactured from highly abrasion resistant steel are made in-house to ensure a perfect fit every time to keep your machines working in perfect order for decades.

Why Choose Us

We apply German Logic to all things Technical
Everything else Falls into Place


Innovative Engineering

Ensuring cost effective Out Of Box Solutions for our clients, proving our mettle time and again.

Exceptional Service

Always available to offer Prompt and Effective Solution to customer requirements. Around the world, round the clock.

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The creativeness of any successful idea lies in its simplicity. We keep it Simple.

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Exceeding Client Expectations each time, every time.